Emparrado Blanco Semidulce in UK (White Wine)

Having stayed in Spain last summer (2012) for a few months I found myself drinking some wonderful Spanish white wine. The wine was bought in the local supermarket at only 1 Euro a bottle which was a bargain price compared to the UK cost of white wine. The name of wine was Emparrado Blanco Semidulce and it had a wonderful taste and I enjoyed it whilst having an evening meal.

Having been back in the UK several months I decided to look at buying some Emparrado at my local supermarket here in England. So far I am having no luck. I have recently contacted the company who owns Emparrado blanco semidulce and I am waiting a reply and will update you on their response.

I have noticed people asking about this type of wine on forums and blogs and I am now looking at importing the wine. If anybody finds this article please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or get in touch via my contact page to leave your interest and I will get back to you ASAP. Update you can now join a Facebook page I setup here: https://www.facebook.com/EmparradoWineUK

Here is a picture of the wine in question:

Emparrado blanco semidulce
Emparrado Blanco Semidulce

If you find your self in Spain make sure you get yourself a bottle!

29 thoughts on “Emparrado Blanco Semidulce in UK (White Wine)”

    1. Hey Michael, yes I am hoping to update the blog with my experiences as I live them 🙂 rather than sitting on the sidelines and reading other blogs I am now beginning to write my own adventures! Hope you enjoy my future articles!

  1. We ended up with some after a Xmas drinks party with the neighbours, left iot in the garage and then got it out to see if it would complement carrot and orange soup well which it certainly did. Intrigued enough to seaech for it on google so think there is a UK opportunity for it (and margins would be good!)

    1. Hi Bob thanks for commenting here.

      I did email the makers of the wine but I haven’t had a reply as of yet. I am thinking it is not made no more? I can’t find it easily even on Spanish websites.

      I have a friend who is going to look in the local supermarket in Spain to see if they can get any boxes.

      I will email you if I can get some stock to the UK.

  2. Hi, It’s still available in Spain. My wife loves Emparrado, we get it from the local supermarket in los balcones, Spain.

    1. Hey Andy,

      Thanks for confirming that! I have just sent you an email. I look forward to your response.


  3. Hi, i had this wine in benidorm last year normally im a rose girl at heart but since having this nothing compares, hope they bring it to the uk. X

    1. Hi Sam, it sure is nice! I am going to Spain for 7 weeks this summer so hoping to sort some contacts out and start importing it. Seems to be plenty of demand! I will keep you noted.

      Thanks for taking your time to comment.


  4. been looking for this wine for a long time ! Couldn’t remember name but only label and great taste! Just arrived in torremolinos and have found it for 1.75 in supermarket, it’s chilling as I speak and I’m pretty excited !

  5. Omg a fellow emparrado lover 🙂 I’m off to benidorm Friday to get my fix .
    I have family out in costa blanca and desperate to sort some imports : so how have you got on with your idea

    1. Hey Katie! Indeed it turns out people quite a few people are joining the Emparrado lovers club!

      I’m at the stage of finding out all the legals about importing from the UK. I can probably get it into the UK but not legally and want it to be all above board.

      I have just created https://www.facebook.com/EmparradoUK if you want to keep up with updates and I will email you any progress!

      Enjoy your holiday, Im over in July to September so I will be hoping to get the stock back to UK for September.


  6. Would love it if you can keep me updated at Emparrado supplies in England. Been drinking it in Spain since 1984 and would love to buy it at home too.

  7. I absolutely love this wine..I’ve been trying to get it in England but had no luck…if anyone does please let me know….

  8. We lived in Spain for 5 years near Catral. We bought this wine every week from Hyperbe supermarket, it was 70 cents a bottle, we used to clear the shelves. All our visitors loved it, you don’t get many sweet white wines here in UK. Its great with a meal or on its own. Have already researched here for availability but no luck. There would be a high take up if someone took the trouble to import it. We would definitely purchase 6 cases to start with and I am sure friends and family would too. Suggest a price under £5 a bottle if that is possible.

  9. These posts are a bit old but just to bring you up to date I have just been to Cadiz and lo and behold we queried the wine we had at lunchtime in a cafe as it was so goof (in our view!) and surprise, surprise, it was emparrado vina blanco semi dulce! Do you have any more news?

    1. Hi Alan,

      I am trying to revive this post, thanks for your input. Finding it hard on the legal side of importing the Wine but will be seeking advice. I do have a price from a contact in Spain I am just getting a delivery price. I am hoping it won’t be too expensive to bring over as there would be no point but fingers crossed it all goes well.

      Will keep everyone updated.


    1. Hi Diane,

      Hoping to have some very soon. Finding it hard to pass all the guidelines for importing into the UK so currently seeking advice.

      We are hoping we can enjoy a steady supply very soon.


  10. Hi Chris, my husband and myself have been drinking this for a few years in the Costa Blanca, its the only one that does not upset my stomach, we have looked for it over here but no luck, but the bottles we have been having with our chinese meal, we have been back a week now. Well they have spruced up the label etc., and have a full description on back of label in English! so who knows maybe it is going the be exported!! Yvonne & Ken

    1. Hi Yvonne,

      Many thanks for the comment, great to hear how the bottles of changed. I haven’t seen this updated bottle when I was in Spain in April. Could you send me a photo if you get chance again? Send to chris@kovalenko.co.uk

      Speak soon

      1. Hi Chris thanks for replying, we are going out to Gran Alicante again middle of June, so will get a photo for you, it was also the same new label in the supermarkets as well.


  11. Hi, my in laws have just come back from Spain and really love this wine and also Bach vina extrimsima rosado, (they kept the labels) they have asked me to try and find some, but having no luck and came across your site. Hope you are able to import it, could you please keep me informed. Thanks.

    Ps is the Facebook site not running, tried to access it but won’t let me.

    1. Hi Yvonne thanks for reaching out. The wine is great and I had the idea to import a year ago now but as a side thing. A lot more attention for it now so I need to step it up and get something in place.

      I do need some help on the import side so if anyone see’s this email me. I have a website and payment system ready to go. All we need now is the product.

      Yvonne I will update you along with the rest with my progress thanks again for reaching out. The Facebook page should work it is here https://www.facebook.com/EmparradoWineUK


  12. Did you have any luck with a response from the vineyard? I messaged them a couple of years ago querying shipping to Australia, but never got a reply……

  13. im still looking for this wine, been searching for a very long time, please email me as to where I can buy some please.

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